Relate Trained Counsellors for Relationship Counselling and Marriage Guidance
in Leeds and Wakefield, West Yorkshire

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We provide relate trained Counsellors working in the West Yorkshire area

Relate trained Counsellors providing therapy services in Leeds and the West Yorkshire area

We are all Relate trained and we are specialists in Relationship therapy. We work with all the issues that you will find that Couples, Families and Individuals in a counselling experience. Life can change at any time and its these changes that make the relationships we have hard to connect to and work with. These changes that the Counsellor can work with you could be:

  • Marriage Guidance
  • Marriage difficulties
  • Having children
  • Change of careers
  • Financial difficulties
  • Bereavement
  • Affairs
  • Divorce
  • Redundancy
  • Retirement

    in fact anything that happens can be hard to live with and can create distancing between Couples, friends and families.

    The Counsellor works with Couples, Individuals and Families on an open-ended basis or for an agreed time period, with the aim of enabling you to enhance your life and to live it more fully. We don't commit you to attending weekly or having a number of sessions, we work it on a session by session process, your in charge of the counselling.

    Our practices are within easy reach of Leeds and Wakefield transport links.

  • Does life feel like life is getting on top of you or you cant find a way forward?

    Do you feel lonely or afraid?
    Are you arguing and finding it hard to communicate?
    Is your relationship not making you happy?
    Do you always feel like you cant do anything right?
    Are you starting a relationship and wanting to make sure it works?
    Are your relationships always breaking down?
    Do you have behaviors which don't help your relationships?

    All these questions and more could be because your relationships are not working as you would like them to or we have past issues which get in the way off getting close to others. We all change through our life's and its being able to talk, share with others to make those changes beneficial and productive for all. The Counsellor will be open and honest with you in exploring the issues you are bringing.

    Could you benefit from a session with a Counsellor to take some time-out with one of our Relate trained Consultants?

    ... to explore your thoughts and feelings
    ... to get back on a front foot again
    ... to help understand your world
    ... to find support when times are tough

    Our Relate trained Consultants collectively have over 90 years experience previously within Relate in counselling Couples, Families and Individuals. They are fully trained by Relate and all Counsellors are experienced to deliver the work they do. Each has been practicing as Counsellors for a minimum of 5 years. They are all committed to providing counselling (and psychotherapy?) in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment and confirm to BACP or other statutory bodies ethics and policies.

    We are experienced in helping clients who have experienced difficulties with :

  • Stress
  • Relationships
  • Panic Attacks
  • Anxiety
  • Bereavement
  • Redundancy
  • Depression,
  • Sexual issues
  • Gender Issues

  • Have the life you want not the one you think you deserve.

    Insecurity drives all of us in our interactions and interventions during our life. It causes us to reshape and redesign what we think, feel and do in our thoughts, words and deeds. This insecure drive is part of our DNA mind programming and we refer back to it for most of our decisions within everyday life. It’s something which we find hard to detach from and take control of. When we have conflict or issues around our relationships with others then we tend to reflect on our situation from an insecure position and then interact with others in a defending way, sometimes using words to create distance from our decisions or actions. This may involve telling lies or fabricating the truth, causing arguments, running away, using deflective behaviour patterns, such as drinking, drugs, sex, isolation or maybe other self-harming ways. If we can understand our insecure patterns of behaviour then we can try to change our actions and reactions to others. It’s hard to do this in the moment, especially when the fight or flight drives are in motion, we would need to do this in a calm and reflective way usually by ourselves or within therapy.
    If you can understand where these drives originate and how they impact on your life then you can understand how to implement strategies in order to reduce the effect they have on you.
    A personal example would be that as I grew up the relationship with my Father he was very detached I was always trying to get a connection with him, usually in a negative way which did not help. I presumed he did not want me around and that the distance we had was a criticism of the things I achieved academically, not being interested in my school work or my interactions with the schooling process. This made me believe I was thick, a perception not a reality. This insecurity perception drove me to not engage with schooling and as much as possible not gain any academic foundation. So as I grew up I went into jobs which were lower grade to what I could have possibly achieved. But my skills on learning and being able to see positive outcomes from muddle and confusion, seeing the clear path through things and implementing solutions to problems helped me to progress through the roles I had and work I did. This never involved any academic interaction, no tests or academic results, learning on the job so to speak. This stood me well throughout my formative years and helped to challenge some of my insecurity issues, building my confidence in what I had achieved. My insecurity, as always, was purring in the background, like a piece of software on a computer which was hidden in the program, it still informed my interactions with others, also in those days the reflection process I have now wasn’t evident in my thinking, I was blinded to why I did things.
    Once I became interested in the therapeutic counselling world as a career I had to challenge some of these ideals about my academic prowess, which was a somewhat scary process. In challenging these ideals by attending college and later university I became aware that I did indeed have an academic brain and could relate to engaging with learning at a higher level than I ever thought possible.
    This experience and journey helped me to understand, challenge and beat this insecure perception which I had allowing me now to engage with, learn and understand my insecure drives which had informed me for so long. I now connect with these drives trying to understand them more and engage with them so that I can be in charge of them and use them to challenge my perceived world based on this historical ideals and notions. This knowing and challenging process of my insecure drives makes living within my world much easier to engage with, in a positive and productive way, I revert back to them less and as such am more in the driving seat then I have ever been before in my life and hopefully even more in the future.
    My new book, out soon on amazon, which is titled Insecurity “It’s all about Me” looks at these drives in much deeper detail and gives ways to help to engage with them and reduce the effect they have on us.
    Have the life you want not the one your insecurity deems you should have.

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